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SPIN Magazine - Q & A with Kings of Leon - 13 Apr 2021

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I got a message from Casey, the band's Creative Director, ask if I wanted to take part in a Q&A with the band.... let me think about that.... YES!

Luckily I didn't have much time to get nervous about the whole thing as it was taking place the following evening via video link to Nashville!

I had to submit my question then wait...

The next evening I was contacted by Matt from the production company from the set of SPIN's photoshoot with the band in Nashville's Railway Museum. He was lovely and put me a ease - he carried out a few sound and vision checks and went over my question. All was good so now just had to wait to be called to ask my question.

Meanwhile, Daniela (KOLfanblog), and I kept in touch throughout the evening as she was also waiting to ask a question and had such a great time!!!

Suddenly, the live feed from Nashville popped up on the screen and the band were sitting in the train carriage getting ready to take our questions - it was funny watching and listening to them as they clearly had no clue we could see and hear them :D

The band introduced themselves and then the Questions started - Ilse was up first, then my face popped up and I had to ask my question (you got no warning of the order and I looked a bit surprised!!).

I asked my question and the guys started answering and as Caleb went into more detail, my sound cut out and I couldn't hear anything - ending in me looking like an idiot as I didn't say "thanks and bye"!!! MORTIFIED!!!!! Luckily this was edited out in the published video below!

This is the full SPIN video incl. a performance of Stormy Weather, the band choosing their favourite SPIN Covers and the Q&A (with me popping up at 13:33):

Daniela came on straight after me!

I was such a great experience - LOVED IT - even tho' I was pretty nervous!

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