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P!nk - Hampden, Glasgow - 26 Jun 2010

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

I got tickets for this last minute and was over-the-moon as I adore P!nk, she has such an amazing voice.

Alan had to drop-out last minute and my friend Sharon came along with me, we had a fab day going for lunch then getting quite close to the front of the stage. I remember it being a very warm day but without any sunshine!

P!nk put on a mind-boggling show with her arriving susended in a box by a crane over the stadium, then during the show, she zip-lined across the stadium and then performed a song hanging from ribbons above the stage... and throughout all of this... she sang live and she did not miss a note!

What a woman!!


This is not my photo, but it's not far-off the view we had :)

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