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Kings of Leon - Summer Sessions, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow – 22 Aug 2018

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

The kings only had 3 UK shows in 2018 and therefore I was extremely happy that one of them was in my hometown, Glasgow.

Alan and I went along and I had everything crossed that we going the same set list that the band had recently played over in NYC and Atlantic City, so when they kicked-off with Slow Night, So Long I was on cloud nine as I knew there was a very strong chance that I would finally get to hear my all-time favourite song, Arizona. Sure enough, they played it and it was sublime.

Click here to see my little snippets video of Arizona and Manhattan.

The setlist was the best I have ever experienced seeing Kings of Leon and proved to be a huge crowd pleaser.

Caleb mentioned that the band were going to spend a few days in Scotland and if we thought we saw guys that looked like them drinking in the city, then it probably will be them!

Brilliant show from start to end with the cherry on top being able to hear Arizona live – the absolute pinnacle of my music bucket list.

Support: The Wombats, Everything Everything

Photo by Euan Cherry

More photos from the press:

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