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Kings of Leon - Sheffield Arena - 19 Dec 2010

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

This is the best show I’ve ever been to, period.

I drove down to Sheffield from Glasgow during the severe snow madness of Dec 2010 to meet-up with 6 lovely ladies (Daniela, Nicole, Michelle, Helen and Heidi) who I met through my KOL website, CloserToKOL.

We queued for 7-loooong hours in temps as low as -7c but it was all worth it as we made it to the barrier, front and centre! Nothing quite like it, you can’t help but get totally immersed in everything (incl a full pint of beer!).

The band were outstanding as usual and they seemed to have a lot of fun on stage too that night.

I even got one of Nathan’s drumsticks courtesy of Daniela.

Support Act: The Whigs


Group Hug to keep warm!

Below are some of my (blurry) photos from the barrier - I was so busy enjoying myself to take good pics!

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