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Ed Sheeran - Etihad Stadium, Manchester - 26 May 2018

At last… I’ve been trying to get tickets to see this guy for ages, but they always sell-out in a nano-second.

Our friends, Jenny and Mark, suggested last year that we go and see Ed at one of the English stadiums and make a weekend of it – perfect idea!

I was on duty to try to get the tickets, no pressure! Spent most of the day trying and trying to get us tickets and seeing stadium date after date selling out in minutes. Luckily for us, every time a date & venue sold-out, they would add another show. Eventually I got us tickets for Etihad Stadium in Manchester on a Saturday night so it all worked out perfectly in the end!

We had such an amazing weekend in Manchester (read about it here) and Ed was the cherry on the top.

Now it was time for the one-man show that is Ed Sheeran. The video screens showed him strolling back-stage then coming onstage with his guitar, cool as a cucumber! He started with “Castle on the Hill” and it was quite jaw dropping to listen to this one man create such an amazing stadium-filling sound with just 2 Mics, a guitar and a set of loop pedals.

He played my favourite songs, “I see Fire”, “The A-Team”, “Bloodstream” and “Happier”, so I was a happy-chappy!

I also spotted the Movie Director, Danny Boyle, who was standing in front of us with his production crew. He clearly is a Sheeran fan, singing along to all his songs! I guess they will be working with Ed in the future from the amount of notes the guys were taking… maybe a live DVD?

All in all, this was an awesome show by an exceptionally talented musician, with brilliant people!

Ed's support act was Anne-Marie and she was pretty amazing, great voice and songs.

Photo by: Zakary Walters

Some of my photos from the night:

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