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Washington DC - May 1999

We arrived in Washington DC from NYC at the start of Memorial week which meant we would be there for “Rolling Thunder” – nothing quite prepares you for the actual sound of this, countless number of veterans riding into town on their motorbikes over the Arlington Memorial Bridge and camping out next to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

Again, done all the touristy stuff including visiting the FBI Building which to this day, is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been! We saw the Top Ten Most Wanted Wall, Dillinger’s Death Mask, Al Capone’s fur coat, watched the forensic experts at work and even spoke to a real FBI Agent!

Arlington Cemetery was pretty special too. We visited President Kennedy’s grave with the eternal flame and watched the changing of the guard in the searing heat.

My lasting memory of Washington DC is that most of the buildings are white, not just the White House itself!

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