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Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland - Oct 2017

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

We were invited to attend a fundraising ball at Lews Castle, Stornoway by our friends Maria and Innes who actually live in Stornoway.

It was our first time going to one of the further out Islands and we would have to go by ferry!!!!!!!!!! Well, we had travel sickness pills, ginger beer & stem ginger biscuits for breakfast that morning and do you know what, it was fine and we really enjoyed it standing on the deck watched dolphins and whales swim around the ferry!

We spent the afternoon with Innes, Maria and their friend, Andy Cameron who is a well-known Scottish comedian. He was up in Stornoway to host the charity ball. We had a lovely lunch and a great laugh spending the day with Andy. Alan and Andy bonded straight away over their love for country music, so we nicknamed them AC ² :)

Lews Castle was stunning and we had a great time with Maria, Innes, their family and their friends. Andy was hilarious at the host!

The next day they took us to see the nearby Callanish Stones (another one ticked off my bucket list!). The sight did not disappoint and again, I took a million photos.

The ferry home was fine too. I’m now considering myself a sea-faring young-ish woman! ;)

Below are a few of my photos, you can see more here.

Callanish Stones , Lews Castle, a couple of Stornoway's Beaches and AC ²

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