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Shelby Township, Michigan - Sep 2009

We stayed with family and had a wonderful relaxing time.

Whilst there we visited the Henry Ford Museum for the first time and saw the limousine that President Kennedy was killed in, sat in the same bus in the same spot as Rosa Parks as well as seeing the first ever Ford Model T. This museum also includes Greenfield Village, a collection of actual houses that Henry Ford purchased and had shipped lock-stock-and-barrel to Detroit! This included Thomas Edison’s workshop (a great friend of Ford’s). I loved the place.

We took a trip over the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Canada to visit my Mum’s friend, Darlene. We had a great day and went out to lunch with her.

Alan got to go and see the Red Wings with my Uncle and he absolutely loved it!

Kings of Leon were in town when we were there, so we had to go see them too of course! Read about it here.

When then drove over to Chicago for the second week of our holiday.

Some of my photos below

Henry Ford Museum and Kings of Leon at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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