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Savannah, Georgia - Jun 2017

We arrived from Florida after a 5 hour drive and arrived at our fabulous quirky hotel, The Kimpton Brice.

Savannah is one of the more picturesque places I have ever visited. I think it has something to do with all the old houses mapped out in tree-lined squares. Just beautiful!

The people were so friendly too. We were like Rockstars as they were all so surprised we were Scottish! They obviously don’t get too many people from Scotland there!

Our favourite place to eat was B. Matthews on E. Bay Street and Spankys on E. River Street.

The Trolly Tours are fantastic with actors hopping on in period costume and giving you a little history at certain spots in the city.

Before we left to go back to Florida, I wanted to visit the Buenaventura Cemetery as I heard it was really beautiful. Well, I had a hard time convincing Alan to visit a Cemetery on our holiday, but by then end of the day, he was totally won over by its beauty too! A must-visit place.

Below are a few of my photos, you can see more here.

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