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Orlando, Florida - Aug 1997

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

We stayed on International Drive right across from Wet n Wild.

This has to be the most exhausting holiday I have ever been on! We only went for one week and tried to go to all the parks. We decided we needed a day off in the middle of the week and would visit the hotel pool for some relaxation. We were trying to find a couple of sun loungers so Alan asked a guy by the pool if he could take the 2 that he wasn't using - turns out that it was a guy that he was currently working with and they hadn't mentioned to each other where they were going on holiday!! ....MEN!

We had an awesome time, even if we needed a holiday to recover from this one!

On our last night, I was watching late night TV and a report came on to say that Princess Diana had been in a serious car accident in Paris. Then they reported that she had actually died. It was quite hard to believe and didn’t sink in until we got onto the plane to come home and every seat had a newspaper on it with the headline "Diana is Dead".

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