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Michigan to Florida - Jul 1984

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

This was my very 1st holiday abroad, I was 15. My Granny and Grampa took me to visit family in Michigan and also Windsor, Canada.

During the 3 week holiday, we went on a roadtrip down to Orlando visiting such cities as Cincinnati OH, Lexington KT, Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA, Jacksonville, FL and Daytona Beach FL.

I have a very clear memory of my Granny going missing when we made a pit-stop in Georgia. We were all frantically trying to find her, then she just strolled towards us with a brown paper bag full of giant peaches as if nothing had happened! She got into the car, placed the peaches against the window on the dashboard to further ripen them and by the time we ate them at the next stop, we were covered in peach juice! ...when in rome...

I also have a vivid memory of arriving in Atlanta just in time for the sun setting over the city. I think that moment right there gave me my life-long love of sunsets which i photograph whenever I see a good one (see some of my photos here).

We stayed in Daytona Beach for a few nights and for a girl from Glasgow, Scotland - this was really another world! I couldn't believe people were driving on the beach! I also couldn't believe how hot it was!!

Last stop... Walt Disney World. We sayed at the Contemporary Resort within the Disney World Park, one of only 3 Disney hotels at the time. We thought we were in a sci-fi set as the park's monorail came straight through the middle of our hotel!

We had an amazing time, going to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and getting to play in the park after closing time because we were residents ~ it really is a place "where dreams come true".

I wish I could do this epic roadtrip again as an adult to truly appreciate how awesome it actually was!

We also went up to Lake Hubbard MI to my family’s holiday cottage were I done some scuba diving, water skiing and tubing. Plus we popped over to Canada to visit family there too!

Boy did we pack in a lot!!

Me in the Magic Kingdom - I'm soooo sophisticated with my clutch-bag! LOL

In memory of my Granny
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