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Miami, Florida - Sep 2008

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

We arrived from Fort Myers via “Crocodile Ave” which is the highway (I-75) that in part runs West to East across Florida. We saw countless crocodiles during our journey!

We stayed in the Cardozo Hotel which is owned by Gloria Estefan and her husband. There was no doubt who owned the hotel as the bedrooms were all furnish with a sound system loaded with her music!! The décor was fab in the hotel too and it has a fantastic location right in the middle of Ocean Drive, South Beach overlooking the beach. It has a cocktail bar terrace which is wonderful to people watch.

We visited the Miami Ink shop and saw Chris Garver, Yoji and Darren Brass all at work. We also saw the Versace Mansion which was just along from the hotel, it is beautiful.

We had an amazing dinner at the 11th Street Diner @ 11th Street & Washington Avenue, South Beach and would recommend it to anyone.

Our time was too short here and will have to go back as it’s such a great city.

Some of my photos below

The Cardoza Hotel

The view from the hotel

The 11th Street Diner and the Miami Ink Shop

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