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Miami Beach, Florida - Jun 2018

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Alan and I had been to Miami years back and really liked it, but my Mum hadn’t been so we decided to take a day trip down there from Cocoa Beach where we were based.

It was hotter-than-hell (99°F) that day!

We visited the Versace House (now a swanky restaurant), we didn’t eat there as it was a wee bit posh and we were looking like we had walked through a car wash due to the heat!

We did eat at the 11th Street Diner, where we had been before and knew it was excellent. It did not disappoint.

We also had frozen yoghurt at Yogen Fruz and it was just what was needed in the intense heat and was really delicious to boot!

It was a pity that is was sooo hot, as it made it just about impossible to walk around.

Some of my photos from the day:

More Photos Here

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