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Manchester - May 2018

This weekend had been planned for almost a year with our friends Jenny and Mark. The reason we were in Manchester was to see Ed Sheeran at the Etihad Stadium.

We stayed in the MediaCityUK area of the city. This is such a great place to stay as it has bars, restaurants, nice outdoor spaces, all the TV Studios and is right on the water.

On the first night we strolled along to the bar and restaurant, The Dockyard, which had a great atmosphere as well as Violet Gin and great food!

Next day we wandered around the entire MediaCity area, visiting the market, watching the outdoor swimming and gazing into all the TV Studio windows! We stopped for a coffee at an unusual place next to our hotel called Ziferblat. The concept is that you pay 8p p/person for every minute you spend in there but everything else is free – tea, coffee, snacks etc. It was fantastic!

That night we were going to see Ed, so we had an early-ish dinner, again in MediaCity, at a fab restaurant called The Botanist. We had to sample lots of their cocktails, for research purposes of course ;) We ate on the upper terrace in the sunshine and it was lovely.

Then we travelled over to the Etihad for the main event (read about it here). After the show, we had to queue for around an hour to get a tram back to the hotel. It was rather chilly night after it being a warm day. Once we finally got on a tram, it was so packed that we could hardly breathe… Q the entertainment for the journey home… Alan and Mark!

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in 3 days as I did this weekend, we had such a great time!

Some of my photos from the weekend:

More Photos Here

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