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Malvern Hills, Cotswolds, Tewkesbury & Stonehenge, England - Jun 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

We decided to "staycation" for another year due the massive delays at just about every UK Airport.

We ended up picking a cottage at the foot of the Malvern Hills which turned out to be stunning! The setting was quiet and beautiful and these guys were our neeeeighbours:

While we were here we also visited the Cotswolds as we loved it so much when we visited last year and the Malvern and Cotswolds areas are next to each other.

We also visited Tewkesbury and it's Abbey, which was beautiful and nice and cool as it was really warm outside! These are a few of my pics at the Abbey:

One of the items that has always been on my Bucket List was to go to Stonehenge, therefore, it was not too far from where we were staying so we decided to do a day-trip to the famous monument.

It was pretty impressive but very disappointing at the same time... the main reason for this was that it was pretty expensive to gain entry to the site and you could not get close to the stones. This is totally the opposite of the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis (which actually predate Stonehenge!) - there is no entry fee and you can actually walk right up to the stones!

In any case, it was still great to visit and see the famous stones!

More of my photos from Stonehenge here.

Outstanding places where we ate while on this holiday were:

  • The Inn at The Welland - one of the best meals Alan and I have every had! Gorgeous Restaurant with amazing staff.

  • The Swan Inn - we had a delicious Breakfast here and again, lovely place to eat.

  • The Oak Inn Staplow - Traditional Pub with exceptional food! Their speciality in Pies - they were fab!

  • Sangers Deli (Worcester) - We had "door-step" out of this world sandwiches (sangers) here. Lovely Staff too!

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