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Barcelona, Spain - Mar 2009

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

This was a Mum & Daughter trip to celebrate us both hitting a milestone birthdays!

We rented a lovely apartment near the hotel Alan & I stayed in a few years back and had a lovely time visiting all the tourist spots.

We literally walked for miles everyday whilst visiting all the tourist attractions including The Picasso Museum. We had a brilliant time!

I remember waking at 8am one morning with the smell of my Mum’s homemade Chicken and Sweetcorn soup – yes, she had gotten up super-early and made a gigantic pop of soup that could have fed our entire apartment block LOL!

Some of my photos below

Mum (admiring the Sagrada Família Copper Doors) me in the Hard Rock Cafe, the Parc Güell Terrace, an Art Installation on the water(!) and Sagrada Família.

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