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France, Belgium and The Netherlands - Sep 2001

We decided to drive all the way from Glasgow to France and Holland, it was quite the road-trip!

We drove down to Dover and took the train through the Channel Tunnel to Calais, France. It was quite surreal driving your car onto a train! The journey was over in a flash and poof…we had arrived in France!

We drove to Disneyland Paris and stayed there for 3 nights. It was great if a little strange as it wasn’t in the USA!

Then we drove through France and Belgium and up to Utrecht in Holland. Alan used to work in this city and I visited him there a few times so we were very familiar with it and loved the placed. We love the Hotel Mitland as it was like a second home to Alan when he worked there.

We then had a few nights at the Dutch seaside town of Noordwijk aan Zee which was lovely too.

We took the ferry home from the Hook of Holland to Harwich, England – to say the crossing was horrific was quite the understatement! I spent the entire time making friends with the toilet bowl! This ended up putting me off ferry travel for many many years.

We came home the day before the terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington DC & Pennsylvania.

Utrecht, The Netherlands (not my photo)

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