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2020, Well... what can I say?

2020 has got to be one of the strangest, scariest, most challenging years in recent history.

Although I know people who have been affected by COVID, I'm thankful that none of them were hospitalised or died from it. Unfortunately this is not the case for many millions of people around the world and my condolences are with their families and friends.

During this year, we have learned new words and phrases that we had never heard of this time last year (COVID, Social Distancing, the R Number etc), we have missed loved ones, worked from home, stood on our doorsteps Clapping for Carers, queued to get into the Supermarket, basically hardly left the house therefore - watched every box-set & documentary on Netflix and baked a banana bread or 6!

There have been no concerts, restricted eating out and travelling, but during the summer and autumn, Alan and I were lucky to have a couple of nights away (in COVID Safe Hotels) which came as much appreciated breaks from the "new norm".


We had glorious weather and managed to see some stunning scenery from the roadside travelling north! We also visited the Glenfinnan (the monument & viaduct) as well as the beautiful Silver Sands beach nr. Mallaig and even saw the Hogworts Express!.

Notable Restaurant: Glencoe Visitor Centre Café

ST. ANDREWS - Oct 2020

Again, we were lucky with the weather and it stayed dry & sunny! We mainly spent the time visiting all the surrounding villages and relaxing in the stunning hotel. We finished our stay by having the Fairmount's Savoy Afternoon Tea - which was stunning!

Notable Restaurants: Atrium Lounge @ the Fairmont | Brew Dog, St Andrews

Photos from both Trips Here


Now we have managed to make it to December and finally have light at the end of the tunnel with an approved vaccine being rolled out (and more on the verge of being approved on the horizon).

Maybe, just maybe we can look forward to travelling and concerts towards the end of 2021!


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